Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pear Sauce

I recently received a huge bag of small pears and tried to come up with more ways to use them. (I'm the only one that will eat them in my house.) I decided to try making pear sauce. Now, my idea was that I would make it similar to applesauce with no added sugar. So, I set to work.....
Now, these pears are the size of figs, so I had to cut up quite a few in order to barely fill my pot. Most recipes that I found said to add 1/2 cup water; however, my pears were quite hard, so I ended up adding two cups. I cut and cored all my pears, added them to the pot and slightly sauteed them to start their cooking process and lock in some flavor. Then, I added part of my water (I ended up adding more since they weren't cooking down.). Once the water boiled, I turned it down to a simmer with the lid still on to steam the pears.
After adding more water and about one hour, my pears were finally soft enough. I mashed them with a potato masher. Then, I put them in my blender and blended away until it was a nice consistency. I poured this into a freezable container and let it finish cooling with the lid off before I put it away in the freezer. I saved some for myself and added some cinnamon. While still warm, it was yummy! However, I gave a taste to my husband (who doesn't like pears) and he said it was okay.
So, pear sauce? Sure, if you like pears....If you don't have anyone else who will eat it, don't make too much. Or, if you have a baby on baby food, try making your own. Also found out that you can make pear butter from pear sauce!

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Cindy Swanson said...

I think it sounds amazing, and I would definitely eat it!