Friday, November 06, 2009

An Update....Finally

Being on bed rest, I am finding things to do that require sitting. I just decided that I should update my blog after many months of not posting a thing. Facebook has truly taken over as my main form of communicating with extended family and friends.
I am currently on modified bed rest, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second son, Josiah. He is due at the end of November, but I am kinda hoping that I won't have to be on bed rest that long. His nursery is almost ready, although he will be rooming with us for a couple months in a bassinet. We are currently trying to get Payton to sleep all night in his big boy bed, in his room. He usually makes it half the night before running in to our room. He is a cuddler for sure. I have discovered that Payton's main love language is physical touch, so I try to give him lots of hugs during the day. He frequently comes and asks to cuddle with me. One of Payton's favorite things to do before bed is watch an episode of Corner Gas with Jonathan. He sings the opening theme song, which is super cute. Jonathan has been watching Corner Gas to wind down at the end of the day and Payton has adopted this as his routine as well.
Payton is now 2 1/2 and getting taller all the time. I'm just waiting for his little waist to get a little bigger, but for now, I have to buy adjustable waistband pants to keep them on. He is so busy that he burns off every bite of food he puts in his mouth. One of his most recent discoveries was pineapple. He loves it!
We recently moved to a smaller town and are discovering having a longer commute. It is very peaceful out here with the "woods" behind us. Payton really enjoys having a yard and a garage. Jonathan has started working out, almost every night, in the garage and Payton thinks exercise is the best! He loves to do squats and the downward dog. The yard is not Jonathan's favorite, as he now has to mow and deal with the local pests, fire ants. The yard at our new place was in quite terrible shape when we moved in, so we have lots of work to do. I am looking forward to planting flowers in the spring to make it a little prettier.
As we get ready for Josiah's arrival, Payton is adjusting well and seems to be ready for his little brother to get here. We'll see how he feels about him when Josiah actually comes:) I am really excited to have two little ones this Christmas and know that Payton will really enjoy it this year. We get to spend Christmas in Idaho with my family and "hopefully" some beautiful snow.
I have really been enjoying MOPS again this year. I am on the hospitality team again this year and wish I didn't have to miss the meeting this month. Payton has enjoyed the play dates with MOPS and has started to ask if he can have a play date.
Payton has several little friends at church now, which has been wonderful for him. There are an equal number of boys and girls now, so he gets interaction with several personalities. He really enjoys Sunday School and asks to go to church on a regular basis. He also enjoys going to football games with his great Aunt Lisa and Uncle David. He loves to cheer for his favorite teams. Jonathan loves it and is looking forward to next baseball season so that they can enjoy the local games together.
Jonathan is still working at Dell and is looking forward to trying to use his MBA to further his career. He is also working with the high schoolers at our church and is such a wonderful teacher. We are both looking forward to what God has planned for us!