Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Product Reviews

I've decided to review baby products that we have used with Payton in order to give other moms some ideas of what to buy and what products you shouldn't waste your money on. I see new parents registering for their babies and often yearn to stop them and give them some advice. I will review eight products today and will add until I run out. Hopefully, someone will find this helpful.

Rain Forest Bouncer- I would give this product three stars out of five. It has a great vibration option and baby can produce sounds through moving objects. Payton didn't ever stay in it for long periods of time.

Graco Swing- Five out of five stars. Awesome! Six different speeds and great music. My 15 month old tries to climb in it still. Great battery life.

Rain Forest Swing- Zero Stars. Horrible! Motor moved the swing an inch or two at the most. We thought the plug in feature would be great, but without the swing moving, what's the point?!

Graco Pack-N-Play- Five out of five stars. Don't know what I would do without it. Holds up to abuse from an active boy and folds up for quick packing.

Little People Barn- Great sounds and babies love to carry the life-like animals around.

Little People Noah's Ark- Hard for a 15 month old to open the doors, but love the animals. Helps teach matching with pairs of animals.

Little People Wagon with Blocks- Shaped like a school bus. Large blocks that are easy to build with. Payton even loves to sit in the wagon to play.

Little People Fishing Boat- Sinks in the tub, maybe better for older kids.