Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Flights

Payton is just a wonderful boy! He is very active and loves to laugh and giggle. Payton stands up and sits up all the time (with help). He turns himself onto his side from his back. He currently loves "flying" and getting lots of kisses. I think he tries to give kisses too, but just ends up drooling everywhere. He loves sleeping in his crib now, which helps everyone sleep a little better. He will be four months old this next Thursday. Hard to believe! He will have to get more shots which just breaks my heart. We will be flying to Idaho June 5th for my other sister's wedding. Danielle and Ross will be married June 9th and I am super happy for them. The time that we have been able to spend with Ross makes us feel like he just fits perfectly in our family. Pray for Payton and I as we are traveling by ourselves again. Jonathan will be joining us, but it is still hard to travel with a baby all by myself. I miss my family so much, so it will be wonderful to see them again.I will have a ton of pictures to share, so I am going to have to figure out how to do some sort of slide show. Oh, and I have officially joined the rest of the world on MySpace. I will be updating again after Payton's appointment.