Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Less than Free

There is nothing that is free....Everything comes at a price. That was the theme of a movie I watched recently. How true it is. Take Clinique for instance. They have the semi-annual free gift....WITH PURCHASE! Love their make-up, but it costs a ton. Technically, work should end up being free. Think about this for a second...You should be making what you are putting out in effort, right? Well, those of us that work our tails off, don't really get paid enough for all that we do. The company is out money for all those slackers out there that really make more than they should. I still haven't mastered how to work just enough....
Nothing is free, except for one thing. Salvation. Doesn't cost us a thing. Yes, it did cost Jesus his life, but he willingly gave that up. Now, why wouldn't everyone want the only thing in life that is actually free?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


There are so many people getting married right now! My cousin got married a couple weeks ago; my friend, Dawn, is getting married this weekend; Jon's cousin is getting married in a couple weeks. Yikes! I was beginning to think that most of our friends were already married, only to have more pop up. Nothing like finding friends....just kidding. To all those that have yet to tie that infamous knot:

1. Marriage is the best!
2. Marriage can be the worst. Pick the man/women that God has for you and lay you marriage at His feet. Imperfect people can't make this union work, but God can. Everyone disagrees, but make sure you mend those fences.
3. Enjoy your spouse and compliment the things they do well.
4. Encourage them in their walk with the Lord and with their goals and dreams.
5. Set aside time for yourselves (together and individually). Have friends of the same sex that you can do stuff with. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But, get away with your spouse. Jon and I have enjoyed time in Dallas and San Antonio and have grown closer during these times.

Two and a half years has not made me an expert, by any means. Count on the counsel of your parents and other godly couples. Forget February, June is the month for love!

Monday, June 12, 2006

More Monday Madness

1. I have a picture of .....Coke Blak....on my computer desktop.
2. There are ....three... pictures hanging on my living room walls.
3. My big goal for this week is to ...rest....
4. I plan to visit ....five.... blogs this week.
5. The weather we're having right now is ...too hot....
6. I really should ...eat better.... more often.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

More Kami Pics

I promised some more pics of our bunny. Kami has so much fun running around our apartment, chewing on anything she can. She has a bigger cage on the way. This cage will be on wheels and up higher, so I don't have to get down on the ground all the time. Her favorite food is carrots. She will run across the room if she sees that I have them in my hand. Anyway, thought I would share pics of the cutest bunny in the world!