Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Less than Free

There is nothing that is free....Everything comes at a price. That was the theme of a movie I watched recently. How true it is. Take Clinique for instance. They have the semi-annual free gift....WITH PURCHASE! Love their make-up, but it costs a ton. Technically, work should end up being free. Think about this for a second...You should be making what you are putting out in effort, right? Well, those of us that work our tails off, don't really get paid enough for all that we do. The company is out money for all those slackers out there that really make more than they should. I still haven't mastered how to work just enough....
Nothing is free, except for one thing. Salvation. Doesn't cost us a thing. Yes, it did cost Jesus his life, but he willingly gave that up. Now, why wouldn't everyone want the only thing in life that is actually free?

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