Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 2010

What to say!? It has been an amazingly long time since I posted during my bed rest. It only lasted one week and then....Josiah arrived! He has been such a blessing to our family and one of the great loves of my life. Josiah was born Nov. 9th at 4:18 pm. Such a quick delivery! Helps that I didn't even know I was in labor until I was sent to the hospital for observation. My mom flew in the very same evening and just missed Josiah's delivery. Mom stayed for about a week to help out, but then had to get back to her job and life in Idaho. My mother-in-law came shortly after for Thanksgiving and was a huge help with Payton. My mom came Dec. 9th and then, we flew together back to Idaho for Christmas. Flying with two kids is an adventure for sure! We made it though and enjoyed Christmas with all my family. Jonathan and I had quite a time getting back to Austin after Christmas, but got back in two days of flying....Well, at least to San Antonio, where Jonathan's dad picked us up from the airport and drove us back home. Jonathan's family was here and we had a "2nd Christmas" with them. Time has flown by since then.
I have my hands full with a very active three year old. THREE! Can you believe it!? Payton turned three at the of January! He loves being a big brother, though we have had our share of jealously. Josiah is my little Sunshine his smile is huge and he laughs with delight over the littlest thing. He rarely cries...compared to my other baby anyway :) I'm trying my best to give them all the attention they need and deserve and keep up with household stuff. I'm still enjoying MOPS and being on the hospitality team. We have recently seen a lot of growth in the "young adults" at church and have many new children that Payton enjoys playing with. We now have a study on a bi-monthly basis with all these great people and recently started having play dates for the kiddos. Really, it is more for the moms, but we'll never tell.....SHHHHHH.
Jonathan is still working at Dell and we count our blessing as he makes it through all the job cuts. I still long to be back in Idaho, but have come to terms with where God wants us for now. We are hoping that as the job market improves, Jonathan will find a job that uses the education he has worked so hard for. We've also seen three of our teens saved in the last couple months at church and love seeing these young lives changed for the cause of Christ. Jonathan is such a great teacher for these kids! We are currently studying world views with them, which is put together by the president of Cedarville University.
We are looking forward to all of the great things God has for our family!