Saturday, October 27, 2007


We drove up to Dallas last night with Justin and Nathan to see a fab concert. Switchfoot and Reliant K were in concert together and let's just say it had to have been the best concert I have been to. I have been dying to see Switchfoot for years and finally got the chance. Relient K came out after a band called Ruth. I really enjoyed hearing Relient for the second time. They are so energetic and just fun to listen to. They played a song from their Christmas album that is coming out this week and I want to buy it. It is totally different than the rest of the Christmas music I have. On to Switchfoot....They are just the best band of all times. At one point, Jon (the singer), jumped up and grabbed a cymbal from the drum set and started playing it. It turned into this huge instrumental masterpiece with lights flashing everywhere. That was my favorite part. I just wish that they could have played longer, but it was such a great time. We did have to get back to Payton, who had a great time with his uncle and aunt.