Monday, May 01, 2006


The concert on Friday was fantastic! We were probably some of the oldest people there, which was a little weird. The first act was a newcomer, Josh Hoge. He only performed a few songs, but I liked what I heard. He was able to give away a few sample CD's of three of his songs. We have been listening to it and think that he could really have some hits. The only complaint I had about his performance was his gestures. He was a little distracting with his 'spirit fingers'. I think that his on stage character will improve with time and experience.
Next, Mat Kearney performed, but with only one other accompanist. It was a nice change from the loud band. Jon and I have been listening to his music this year and really enjoyed hearing the songs we knew. His little rap sequences were very original and he even made up lines about Austin. The crowd was enraptured with his music.
We didn't stay for Matt Wertz, but he did help out a couple times with the other musicians. For all my friends in Boise, look for Mat Kearney to be there next week. Please give these up and coming artists your attention and support for their awesome talents.

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