Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Online Fellowship?

I heard an interesting story today on my way to pick up my husband from work. It was about a church that has started an online church. My question is, "How biblical is this?" Seriously, I know that we are to gather to learn more about the Bible, but what about the fellowship of believers. I have the same problem with TV church. Granted, these are great tools to reach people who wouldn't enter a church building, but where does it end? More and more of the kids I grew up with no longer find solace inside the church. Aren't we supposed to 'not forsake the assembling of ourselves'?


Cindy said...

I agree, Daylyn! I think that a community of believers would be seriously lacking something if they couldn't meet together physically. I can see the online fellowship as being a supplement to that, but not a replacement.

Alex Sommers said...

you know whats funny? The church that I went to for a month down here in AZ before I found the one that I am currently in now is the same church that started the online church. (lifechurch) I agree that an online church on its own is a bad idea b/c God created us for fellowship, but if it were used as a supplementary function, it would be good. The church itself is pretty sweet and I think the pastor is really wise and is really gifted in teaching. I just stopped going there b/c it was too far away and I wanted to be able to communicate one on one with my own pastor better. (lifechurch does live broadcasts of his sermons from Oklahoma to all the other churches in their network but they still have live worship and a pastor for each "campus")