Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Serious Thoughts

I want to share a few thoughts I have had the last couple days. I saw a bumper sticker the other day stating, "Proud member of the religious left wing." I thought to myself, " What religion is this guy that he can be left wing? Obviously not a Christian." If this guy is a Christian, what a terrible witness. I don't see how you can be left wing and a Christian believing and holding true to the Word of God. If anything, I would consider myself 'religiously centered'. I believe that God holds us to a high standard politically and the vote in a way that would honor Him. Most people consider me to be very conservative. I guess I am for the most part. I pray for all presidents and leaders to be guided by God and to make wise decisions. I agree with most of what republicans believe, but sometimes the cheesiness of any politician will get to me. I don't want to go down a road of raking politicians over the coals because they are people just like you and me. Overall, I just want people to think about what corner you want to stand in. As for me, I'm want to be in God's.

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