Friday, August 10, 2007

Six Months and Counting

With Grandpa Swanson

Swimming in the pool with family

Sleeping on Grandma Swanson
Justin, Laurie, and Katie

Nathan, Elizabeth, and David

Payton is now six months old! He is so active right now! He has started moving backwards and in circles. In the last couple days, he has started to pick himself up on all fours. He weighs in at a healthy 16 pounds and is starting to get heavy for Mommy to carry around. Payton is also reaching for people and things he wants (right now, he mostly wants Mommy). He sits up until he gets distracted, which usually doesn't take very long. He had lots of family visit the last couple weeks, including Grandpa and Grandma Swanson, Uncle Justin, Aunt Elizabeth, cousin David, Great-Aunt Beverly, and cousin Kali. We will be going to Idaho next week to celebrate my grandfather and his 75th birthday. Pray for our travels as Jonathan will not be able to go with us.

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